11 July 2009

Photograph of Lieutenant Talbot's Crew

This is a photograph of 2nd Lt. Charles N. Talbot, Jr's crew in front of B-24D 42-41152. I received a copy of this photo from Alex MacLeod, the grandson of crew member Sgt. Edward F. Smith. At first we only had a list of who was in the photo (in no particular order) and knew the identities of Alex's grandfather and my uncle Rodney. I made several attempts to gather information and contact people who might be able to help. The first was Allen Neal, brother of Sgt. James E. Neal, who identified James on the photo. I was then put in contact with Keith Kunkel, brother of Sgt. Cloyd R. Kunkel, who also had a copy of the crew photo that his brother had sent home. This photo had the names of all the crew members written on the back along with their positions in the photo. So now we are able to match all the names with faces, and even know the dog's name.

From 404th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

Standing (L to R): Sgt Solomon Pollack, 2nd Lt Verdie E. Smith, 2nd Lt Herman A. Welch, 2nd Lt Kenneth E. Young, 2nd Lt Charles N. Talbot, Jr., Sgt Edward F. Smith.
Kneeling (L to R): Sgt James E. Neal, Sgt Anthony P. Bedell, Sgt Jackson E. Brown, Sgt Thomas A. Moffitt & Sparks (the crew's dog), Sgt Rodney R. Schubring, Sgt Cloyd R. Kunkel.
All the men in this photo were killed in action on 23 Jan 1945 except for Edward F. Smith and Thomas A. Moffit, whose places on the final mission were taken by Sgt. Jack T. Hefley and Cpl. Norris D. Chaney.

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